Vancouver Airport

Interactive & Exhibits

I was commissioned to redesign the Arrival and Departure screens. At the time the airport was using old CRT screen technology that only allowed for red and yellow colors to be displayed. With the prices coming down in plasma and lcd screens it was becoming financially feasible for corporations to start implementing the new technology into their plans. However with added mandates of dynamic coloring, interactive messaging and branding they were concerned with losing their word class standard of travellers being able to find their flight in “2 seconds and go”.

With what started out as one project grew into multiple projects, including large hall dynamic Customs Security signage, passenger entertainment screens, dynamic wayfinding signage, check-in and departure screens, and working with IBM on their first check-in kiosks. These projects helped revolutionize how the airport screens were used around the world. My work with the Vancouver Airport helped them achieve the #1 Airport in North America and #2 in the World.