La Vita Dental

Branding & Strategy

When La Vita Dental originally launched, their brand design spoke to health and vitality, unfortunately so do 95% of the other dental offices as well.

When they found that the message was being lost among the sea of other dental providers they desperately wanted to rebrand that focused on the demographic of their Kitsilano neighborhood. This includes students, young families and those who prioritize quality of life over cost. Also working against them was the practice location was hidden from view at the back of a courtyard.

The new brand was directly pointed to the group of people who like to find out news first. Those who like to share and appreciate the journey. And what was an awkward practice location now became a feature as the messaging related to “only the insiders” know secret. From eye-catching but curiosity driving window vinyl to a hand crafted sandblasted wood sign, everything about the new brand is share worthy.